Fair Trade and Paying Respects

Today is Remembrance Sunday in the UK. For a Swede with few similar traditions it was quite astonishing to see how everybody at the “Spirit of Christmas Fair” stopped and held the silence for the stipulated two minutes. In the middle of all the potential Christmas gifts that the latest rise in the economy has provided, it felt more than appropriate to send a thankful thought to the men and women who gave their lives so that we can prosper in a democratic society.

Being addicted to shopping, I was truly in paradise. I bought a nice red felt table runner, some lovely Christmas cards from Cancer Research, an intriguing Flingo game, a pair of snug Dubarry boots, some really good-smelling coffee from Azorieblue, and a heavy bag from Action Against Hunger. In addition I bought three beautiful prints from the artist Cheng Yan who is also a great photographer. His pictures, similar to Australian Peter Lik’s, inspire me immensely. By the way, who would have thought a few years ago, that everything would be on the web?

The contrast between all the goods and the two minutes of silence made me reflect upon the kind of life I live, the society I contribute to develop and sustain, and how I pay my respects. Can I tell heaven from hell? Did I trade my heroes for ghost? How I wish you were here!

How lucky I am to have friends who in my hour of despair send me a suggestion to look into the concept of Megacommunities. Can it restore my faith in humanity and myself?

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