Summer Photo Competition 2007

Today Sweden changed from Summer time to Normal (Winter?) time. We gained an extra hour, which I spent on announcing this “competition”.

Although this summer has been a really rainy one, at least in Sweden and the UK, somehow I’ve managed to take lots of photos. Want to help me pick the one to symbolise the Summer of 2007? Write down which one is your favourite in a comment to this blog post together with your email address, and at the same time you will enter a lottery with a chance of winning a lovely bouquet of summer(?) flowers. Open until 1st of December.

HOW TO VOTE - in three simple steps

1. Look at the photos and decide which one you like the most.
2. Go back to the blog.
3. Click on the comments link followin this blog post where you can see what other people's votes and also cast you own vote.

Please note that it may take a couple of hours before your comment shows.

You find the photos in this Picasa PHOTO FOLDER.

1. Bore Place, UK (thistles)
2. London, UK (London Eye)
3. Läckö, Sweden (poppy pod)
4. Motala, Sweden (dew drop)
5. Painshill, UK (sunflower)
6. Peter Korn’s Garden, Sweden (spade)
7. Pilane, Sweden (fly)
8. Råshult, Sweden (table)
9. Strand, Sweden (bench)
10. Vallby, Sweden (bumblebee)

Looking forward to reading your opinion!


tobias said...

I think "Peter Korn�s Garden, Sweden (spade)" is the best one. SO i would go for that one!

Hans-Olof said...

Don´t know if it is the picture of the summer of 2007, but it´s certainly is a picture of summer: I vote for the sun glancing trough the window at Råshult.

Patrik said...

"Peter Korns Garden, Sweden (spade)" is without doubt the best. It has everything Summer 2007 had: sun, but mostly water and lots of using a spade in the Garden...

Helena Severin Ljungman said...

Hej Lena!
Kul att se dina fina bilder!
Jag röstar helt klart på tistlarna, Bore Place.
Hoppas att allt är bra,

Jeanette Ahlgren said...

I wote for number 8. This is the winner. Really.

Peter said...

Hi, I wote for nr. 6 Peter Korns Garden. Water, flowers, sunshine and the light - what more to expect from a fantastic Swedish summer? (not this year though!)
The spade can represent the swedes lutheran mentality - work first, enjoy if there is time over!
Best regards- Peter

Johan said...

There is a slight sense of old father Linnaeus. Give's me a feeling of summer. 8 is the number!

Johan I said...

I think number 4 is your best photo of this swedish summer. It´s both artistic in it´s simplicity and it tells a story.

Natalie Dian said...

Lena, I liked the still life of the table in Råshult, Sweden.
Visionscentret Framtidsbygget will be moving to Alingsås kommun, more specifically to Norsesund on Dec 1, 2007. No new telephone number yet, but address will be Vässenbovägen 8, 441 63 Alingsås

Göran Holmberg said...

I like the bench at Strand. /Dad

Sigrun Holmberg said...

My favourite was the bumblebee at Vallby. It's a wonderful photo of a very important worker in the garden. /Mum

Anonymous said...

Råshult. Sommar i Sverige - vinner klart! Härligt morgon? ljus./ Tomas Gabinus

Anonymous said...

I think number 10, because I remember that summer day in Vallby. /Jenny Ruther

Anonymous said...

Last summer was very rainy. That's why I choose number 4. /Maria Ruther

Julie Barnes said...

I love the dewdrop - photo no 4. We had lots of rain in the UK this summer and it was still beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.
Julie x

Karin Anding said...

I vote for Vallby because it is the way I want to remember last summer (not all the raining!).

Jan Sandred said...

Number 7. Easily.

Mons said...

Motala talar direkt till mig så den får min röst.


Clive said...

I vote for number 8 because I live in the UK and the picture is clearly summer in Sweden (this is a vote for the Swedish summer after all)and shows the garden as well as the interior reflecting how a good summer can affect how we feel us wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

bgbengtner said...

Hej Lena
Tycker tistlarna är bäst, Bore Place. På något sätt kan den visa verklighetens ibland lite hårda, karga men som förhoppningsvis lyfts mot en ljus bakgrund eller framtid.
Ögat fokuserar först på tistlarna men övergår alltmer till ljuset.
Hälsningar Bengt-Göran