Magical Moments

When you spend some time in the Disney realm, you find yourself reflecting upon what is truly magical. I believe I have a collection of magical moments I keep in my heart and like to think of from time to time.

One of those moments took place in Melbourne in 1994 when I was spending some time in Australia while writing my PhD thesis. The people at the department at RMIT kindly invited me to watch “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the Royal Botanical Gardens. We had a superb picnic and sat on the grass watching the sun set wakening the big bats that started to hunt in the dark. The actors had amazing costumes and performed in an acrobatic way under the stars, dangerously close to the torches.

Another magical moment took place in Cape Town 2003 when my mother and I went to a Christmas concert in the Kirstenborch Garden. We got there early and got very good green “seats”. Soon the lush lawn was full of families eating and having a good time. Then the concert began with a nativity play and choirs singing. It was kind of strange to sing carols in such a warm climate, but when everybody lit their candle it felt a little bit like our Swedish Lucia tradition.

The magic of candles was also a feature of the fireworks concert closing the season for Dalhalla this year. The combination of a very mixed program with excellent artists and the visual effects in this old mine turned into a concert “hall” was stunning. The lights were glowing in the green water, a long long row of pitch torches marked the very edge of the mine and the fireworks at the very end was spectacular. When the male choir Orphei Drängar sang softly and we were urged to light our candles, the cold and damp no longer mattered.

It seems like my magical moments all have some things in common: sunsets, naked flames, music, blankets and good company. Excellent! Now I know what to go for!

Have a Magical Day!

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