White War

It is claimed that the wars to come will focus much on the control of water. For me personally, the control of snow is much more likely to spark a conflict although hopefully not as serious as the white war in Italy.

Close to where I live is an illuminated running track. With all this snow this winter, it is naturally (I think) to use this track for skiing, which I do. However, people walking and walking dogs use the track as well. Which is fine with me because there is plenty of space for both walkers and skiers. What makes me want to start a war is when people (and their dogs) walk in the ski track, although there is a perfectly good walking track through the snow just beside it.

I just can't understand how they think. We don’t share the same values. Where I come from, ski tracks are holy and you never, ever step into them unless you are severly injured and need to get home as soon as possible. So I don’t know what I will do if I catch one in the track. Perhaps I should read more of Huntington to understand the demographic and cultural developments and reflect upon whether I will be part of a minority or not. I suppose that has to do whether we are facing global warming or a new ice age...