Ice Screams

Although a bit risky, I walked on the ice today. The temperature had been under zero for more than two weeks and the combination of snow, ice and sun just became too tempting. Beneath my feet, the ice monsters screamed at each other. Or was it perhaps a monster mother calling for her offspring or a bachelor monster in search of romance?

Every time I heard a scream, a tiny tremor went through my body but I kept my steady pace and had one eye on my fellow ice travellers. I was on my way back from Gunnebo Castle and on my way there I had listened to something completely different: The Naked Scientist. This particular podcast included a piece on vitamin D deficiency, something very common among people living in the north. I took it as a sign that I should be in the sun as much as possible, blissfully ignoring the fact that the sun rays are too week to have any impact right now.

Today was a nice contrast to the summer and all the days spent in sculpture parks. The 2011 photo competition is now closed. The most appreciated photo was the one from Marsvinsholm. Even my Mother liked that one best, although it was such a rainy experience. Winner of the lottery this year is my friend and colleague Anna. Thank you all for voting! I hope to take some good photos this year as well, why I expect to continue the competition!