Photo Competition 2011 – Sculpture Parks

The previous photo competitions such as the one in 2010, did not have special themes. This year is different. Looking back at my summer days, I realised that I spent a good deal of them in parks and gardens with wild and weird sculptures. All very different, and highly enjoyable.

Your job this year is to select the nicest sculpture park collage. Of course, it’s more fun if you comment on your choice here or on Facebook, but if you’re a bit shy you may send me an email instead. This competition is open to my friends and family. You can win flowers! Some money goes to charity! I want your vote no later than January 31, 2012.

Happy New Year!

Want more information about the locations? Check out Gunillaberg, KivikLouisianaMarsvinsholm, PilaneTagel and Wanås!


Anette Carlsson said...

Johanna röstar på Tagel utan minsta tvekan. Alla djuren drog och ser jag inte grodor också minsann.

Anette Carlsson said...

Kivik får min röst. Spännade ljus och jag längtar ut i denna rofyllda miljö. Jättefina kompositioner Lena!/Anette

Lena M Holmberg said...

Tack Anette! Det hällregnade när vi var i Kivik, men jag är säker på att det är fint i alla väder! Skåne är vackert!

Paul J Corney said...

My favourite was Kivik

Anna Aspgren said...

My vote on Wanås - Lovely combination of Swedish summer, joyfulness and creativity combined with wisdom.