Making Progress

“And it was morning, and I found myself morning for the childhood that I thought had disappeared” The words from the now rather old Marillion song came to my mind when we were discussing how to let the child in you come forward more often. That in turn evokes a discussion about Pat Kane’s book “The Play Ethic”. Our Metafari continues and we are getting lots of practice in storytelling, use of metaphors, flow writing, taking pictures, Appreciative Inquiry and in speaking different languages.

I am the writer of my own story. I decide how I want to perceive myself and how I talk about my journey through life. My story this day is what I have decided to call a happy failure. I admit that I didn’t succeed in doing free writing properly, since I am used to reflecting and often thinking more about the future than about the here and now. But I definitely have been influenced by it and I am quite pleased with the result.

“Cause the only thing misplaced was direction and I found direction. There is no childhood’s end!”

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