Black Hole Escape

A couple of weeks ago I finally saw the movie "The Theory of Everything". Seeing it with my mother gave it an extra dimension, since she worked with people almost unable to move at all and also helped researchers at KTH develop synthetic speech, similar to that Stephen Hawking has been using.

Already during his work on his PhD thesis Hawking became interested in black holes and their role in the creation of the universe. That's why his words on depression and the black hole metaphor we are all familiar with seems so beautiful and true to me:
“The message of this lecture is that black holes ain't as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought.
Things can get out of a black hole both on the outside and possibly to another universe. So if you feel you are in a black hole, don't give up – there's a way out.”
From my blog post Somewhere Out There from Christmas 2014

Maybe it is also the case that depression has a role in creating life as we know it.
"It's also important not to become angry, no matter how difficult life may seem because you can lose all hope if you can't laugh at yourself and life in general." From The Daily Mail

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