Our Lady, Waffles and Cake

According to my Mum, I was due already in February. However, there was no doctor around when the labour started why the nurses gave her some sedatives to slow it down. Not only did it slow down but it stopped completely why they send her back home. After a month she called them and asked if they perhaps should do something about it. While they were thinking about what to do, the situation suddenly got serious and in the end they had to make an unplanned caesarean. Obviously, both mother and child survived but I'm a bit sad that I caused her so much trouble. I think that few mothers would like to go an extra month.

It's a mixed blessing to have March 25 as your birthday. In Sweden it coincides with the celebration of the Waffle Day. The story goes that the Swedish term "våffeldagen" sounds like "vårfrudagen" which is the equivalent of "Our Lady's Day". Not only is this day nine months after Midsummer, it is also nine months before Christmas. It should be noted that Swedish waffles (often soggy and shaped like hearts) do not look like Belgian ones (crisp squares) and should be eaten with whipped cream and jam made by raspberries, blueberries and/or strawberries.
I've always been envious of my sister who was born in July (and some years ago she got the best birthday present ever, namely her son David but that's another story). It's much easier to have a birthday party in summer. So this year I've decided that I'll have that too. Well, perhaps not so much a party as a traditional Swedish "fika", with coffee and tea, biscuits and cake. I've booked the clubhouse Finnsjögården in Mölnlycke Sunday August 21 and hope for a warm and sunny afternoon. Bring your walking/running shoes and swimsuit and I'll provide you with some energy to use them. Send me an email to let me know you're coming. Welcome!
From Mölnlycke Winter 2016
This photo was taken at Finnsjön. Let's hope the snow will be gone by August!


agnetahall said...

It's an interesting story on many levels. Fortunatly with a Happy ending.

agnetahall said...

Happy birthday retroactivly