Friends and Photos

The photo competition is over for this year and the winner is Anette Carlsson! Congratulations! She voted for the picture of me standing in a field of wheat on the island Ven, which also was the one that most people liked.

From Photo Competition 2015
My mother took the photo and I must point out that I didn't damage any of the crops, since I stepped in the tractor tracks. When we biked around the island, I saw this opportunity for a shot a bit similar to the Gladiator movie when Maximus dreams about his home in Spain. However, I don't claim any other similarities between Russell Crowe and me. Unless you count a love for Australia. The country, not the movie, although I like that too but I don't know about him. That is, I don't know if he likes the film. I like him though. And Hugh Jackman.

I'm very grateful for my friends all over the world and all the fun things we've done together: skiing, going for walks and to the beach, camping, dinners, canoeing, traveling, visiting museums and gardens, singing, playing volleyball, and much more. I wish I had more photos from such occasions! Here is one at least from the walk at Billingen last year with my Mum and Anette.
From Easter 2015
It's rather popular to tag your friends in Facebook but you might want to be careful. Automatic face recognition software is not only becoming more sophisticated, but also more common (cheap). Facebook and Google are at the forefront. Casinos, airports and the police have been using it for a while, next it catches your shopping spree. Even if it would be nice to get more photos of me together with my friends using this kind of technology, I'm not prepared to give up that much privacy. What do you think?

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