Speed of Darkness

Today is an equinox, where the day and night are equal. Tomorrow there will be more light than darkness. We know about the speed of light. We also use it as an expression for "very fast". But how about the speed of darkness?

According to Dr. Christopher S. Baird darkness travels as quickly as light. Or rather, it doesn't travel at all but it happens as quickly as the light moves. When the last ray leaves the sun, it will take 8 minutes and 19 seconds before it gets dark. Darkness is the same thing as no light.

However, a shadow may move quicker than the speed of light. Don't think that's possible? Watch this video, where you can even see shadows kissing.
Light and darkness are often used to describe moods. However, is it that simple that without darkness there is light? And does light and darkness come at the same speed when it comes to how you feel?

It's very comforting to know that there are a number of tricks you can use to get happy when you're sad, to chase the darkness away. Making it leave at the speed of light. You don't have to have nyctophobia to want that to happen!

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