Birds of East Africa

During my first trip to Nairobi in 2009, I bought the novel "A Guide to Birds in East Africa" by Nicholas Drayson at my hotel: The Fairview (said to be the most secure in town, since it is located opposite the embassy of Israel). Although this book, and the sequel "A Guide to the Beasts of East Africa" contains lots of information about the wildlife in Nairobi and its surroundings, they are basically heart-warming feel-good books about middle-age love and culture clashes.

From Nairobi February 2009

Although I spent most of the time indoors during my latest visit to Nairobi, due to work and rain, I managed to get an early morning walk in the valley bordering IRLI. I saw and heard a lot of birds: swifts, bustards, green pigeons, orioles, swallows, sunbirds, sparrows, wagtails (what an excellent name in English!) and many more. Unfortunately, I had not brought my Nikon with me. Next time I'll do that, and also make sure to visit the Arboretum.

From Nairobi March 2015

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