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A Chalmers University of Technology alumni once told me that the engineering profession is the fines in the world since engineers solve problems. I don't agree, and not only because I'm not engineer myself (although I have studied a lot of engineering subjects). There are many others solving problems, in fact, we all solve problems all the time. Problem-solving is also not always the best method to change or improve something. If you are taught only such approaches and also that you are the best kind of person in the world, you will probably end up creating more problems than you solve. Indeed, engineers probably caused some of the biggest challenges we have today, such as the climate change. In order to do something about these challenges, we need people with different backgrounds, perspectives and skills working together, respecting each other’s knowledge.

However, I must admit that engineers sometimes can be very handy. Another Chalmers alumni came to my rescue during Christmas. I had bought a lovely rotating candle mobile. The salesman at Illums in Stockholm warned me that it probably needed tweaking a bit in order for the thermodynamics to work. I tried, but after a while the rotating always stopped. So when I got a visit from an engineer, I asked for help. Now it runs like clockwork.
The mobile was one of the Christmas gifts I bought for myself. I also purchased two wood-crafted deer at Svensk Hemslöjd. My mother says they are a bit fat, why we have decided that at least one of them must be pregnant. Before Christmas, we went to a second-hand shop where I picked up several Christmas items: one brass Christmas tree, one glass candlestick with a fir tree pattern and a cute ceramic Santa. I still have my new copper wire with LED lights up, making my jungle corner less dark. They're called String Fairy Lights and I really think it's a good name!

I received some lovely gifts this Christmas. Homemade wonders from my sister and her family: crackers, muesli, and sweets. I also got a table runner from my mother, who has started weaving again using an almost antique loom that belonged to my father's aunt. From my uncle, I got an old hazelnut grinder that was my grandmother's. It's much better than the new ones! And I got loads of chocolate from my favourite store, Kanolds. It was a present from the housing society where I live, as a token of appreciation for the work I do in the garden. Almost all gone now, I'm afraid.

However, I think the best gifts this Christmas were all the really nice things I did together with friends and family. All the Christmas fairs with lots of homemade food and beautiful handcraft. The wonderful concerts, each one special and memorable. Long walks in the cold weather, and 'fika' afterwards at the fireplace. Mother and I even managed to make it to Bertilsson's Stuga during the few days of snow! Memories to cherish now that Christmas is over and all the decorations are put to rest until the first Sunday in Advent.

From Christmas 2014

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