Summer Photo Competition 2009

Today Sweden changed from summer time to normal (winter?) time. We gained an extra hour, which I spent on announcing this “competition”. Otherwise my two jobs, one at Innovationsbron and the other at VINNOVA keep me rather busy.

Although this summer has been a really rainy one, at least in Sweden, somehow I’ve managed to take lots of photos. Want to help me pick the one to symbolise the Summer of 2009? Write down which one is your favourite in a comment to this blog post together with your email address, and at the same time you will enter the lottery with a chance of winning a lovely bouquet of summer flowers. Open until 1st of December.

Look at the Picasa folder with the pictures, and then go back to this blog post and write a comment. It does not show immediately, but you can rest assured that I will take good care of it and put it into the lottery bowl!

Looking forward to your vote!


Björn said...

number three is the Winner. Composition, colour and tone. No question about it.

Take care

Ann Strömberg said...

Sommaren var för en gångs skull en skön vila för mig där jag började ur jobbdiset skönja en trygg och lugn tillvaro. Som en bänk i kanten av trädgården där grönskan bakom ger trygghet och svalka och blicken utåt landskapet ger perspektivet.(Nr 42)
Kul idé som vanligt Lena!
Kramar Ann

Penny said...

number 2 great phot reflects what summer is about fresh air and lots of fun! Best wishes Penny Canterbury UK penny.hibberd@canterbury.ac.uk

Luciano Cunha de Sousa said...


4 - Pilane, Tjörn, Sweden has a excellent composition betwen sculpture and nature, good colors. Regards by the photos.


Ali de Moro said...

"6. Lidköping, Sweden" är vacker och gjorde ett intryck! Mkt grafisk och fin. Hurra nr 6! Kram.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lena!
Number 1 reflects the summer of 2009.Reasons, Summer is about clear blue skies but since the 09 summer was rainy,the clouds gives some effect of rain.Therefore the photo gives a feel of rain and sun (clouds and blue sky.

Flavia said...

I have to say that this is a really hard task. So many amazing pix… I gonna pick number 12. The light is great and it’s not easy to catch a moment like that!
Beijos from a sunny Rio!

eFrisk said...

Number 10. The depth of field and texture of the flower make the image for me.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Jag önskar att sommaren var som bild 3 men om den ska spegla sommaren 2009 i Sverige tycker jag att bild 4 är underbar. Var själv i Pilarne och vädret var precis som på bilden :o)

Kram Katarina

agnetahall said...

Hej Lena,

Nummer tre ger en alldeles speciell sommarkänsla - värmen och ljuset - den är min favorit/


agnetahall said...

Hej lena,

Nummer tre ger en alldeles speciell sommarkänsla - värmen och ljuset vid havet.

Bästa hälsningar


Mons Annér said...

Hi Lena
It's a nice collection of summer pic's and onthor them speaks to my inner feelings. Nr 6 is my choice because of the simplicity.

Your friend Mons

Mats Williander said...

Nummer 3 är definitivt vinnaren för mig - den representerar västkusten, som jag älskar!

Britt Lööv said...

Lena, how lovely pictures. My favourite is no 12. For me butterflies are summer and its pattern and colours are so beautiful.

Vi ses.

Izabella said...

Dear Lena,
I definitely must vote for no 3! Makes me long for diving adventures, sunbathing and peacefull meditation, all in that order! Hope all is well!

Jaguar Audaz said...

Lena, all the photos are incredible, but my vote is for number 10.
What can I say? Flowers are my guilty pleasure...



Álvaro said...

I think number twelve is the winner, i like a lot, the nature of the picture, the colors and the butterfly.
Regards from Chile


Anonymous said...

NR 4, dit vill jag åka och njuta! Men det var svårt att välja bland alla vackra bilder.
Anette Carlsson

Anonymous said...

Svårt val, men jag tycker nog nummer tre. Snyggt taget och med ett vackert motiv.
Vi ses i helgen,

Johanna Carlsson said...

Nr 2 är finast eftersom att Albin och Johan är mina kompisar.
tycker Johanna

Anonymous said...

No 3 has it all.
The Sea, the rocks, the flowers that´s just happy feelings in sunshine or rain = summer 2009.


Anonymous said...

Number three is the winner. You could have taken this photo at my favorite island, Snäckan, outside Kungsbacka. Wounderful Colours!

Anonymous said...

Number ten gets my vote. The picture has a nice depth to it and the flowers' warm colors and spherical sun-like appearance really appeals to me.

All the best