September Renewal

It was so good to see so many familiar faces at the September Renewal Residential at Bore Place! And to make some new friends as well! As always Anne Radford and Jane Magruder Watkins did a splendid job carefully guiding us towards new insights into how renew relationships with clients and how to sustain and renew ourselves. Being in such a great place with wonderful food helped a lot.

I tried to gather some of the superb phrases that emerged during these days:
  • Love and blood.
  • We must put down our swords and start walking and talking together.
  • The data is in the system.
  • Dropping the pebble in the pool.
  • It’s all about people.
  • How it felt is not the same as the impact it had.
  • Feedback will tell you more about the person delivering it than about your performance.
  • What we fear the most is our own power and strength.
  • Hold your nerve!
  • Past Over and Pissed Off (POPO).
  • Humor me!
  • The 4D-model is really Kurt Lewin’s action research model.
  • Make use of what is in front of you.
  • Wisdom is acting with knowledge while simultaneously questioning yourself.
  • Sapien circles.
  • Open to awe.
  • Stealth AI.
  • What’s the most useful question I can ask you right now?
  • Smellavision.
  • Leadership is a function, not a position.
  • Prototyping.
  • Even better.
During one of our sessions, Mark Lough wrote a beautiful poem called "Still Water":

Still water
Moving with force

Dropping its power
Thundering into

Bringing about
New integrity

For those of you who couldn’t participate this time, I recommend having a look at the pictures.

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