Storytelling and Innovation

This year the Golden Fleece storytelling weekend May 8-10 will have “Storytelling and Innovation” as its theme. More than 150 people are expected to gather in Washington to exchange ideas and experiences from using storytelling in organisational change initiatives.

One of the presenters will be my Metafari partner Leif Josefsson, who was invited to do a workshop at this event. He will, of course, tell the story of how the Metafari came about but also describe the storytelling ingredients in the program. I think he will even make the participants try some of the exercises we did during our learning journey.

The combination of Storytelling and Washington makes my mind wander to the ongoing election in the US. If you are interested in how storytelling can change politics, read the excellent book “Don’t think of an Elephant” where George Lakoff, an American cognitive scientist (or as he calls himself, a cognitiv activist) provides excellent advice to progressives on how to become better at framing the political debate. His other books such as "Whose Freedom? The Battle over America's Most Important Idea" and "Thinking Points" also seem very interesting.

Do you know of any other good books about how to frame political messages using storytelling and metaphors? Please write a comment and let us know!

PS Thank you Annet for the great elephant photo from our Metafari! I will also get such a nice camera sometime...

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