In the future. Or Now!

Now.... The International Conference Center in Tanga, Tanzania is the place everybody is talking about.
Now... Everybody is talking about the African Miracle... The boom that started in Southern Africa.
Now... People are talking about how the paradigm shift from industrial mindset to a post modern paradigm was enabled by a metaphor shift from metaphors of the machine world to metaphors of living systems.
Do you dare to join us?

We are looking for no more than 20 people who wants to meet us in Tanga Tanzania November 25th to November 30th to explore the metaphors of the future. Join the Metaphor Safari: http://www.metafari.com/

The idea had a first ignition spark in an Intranet project. "What should this Intranet be like?" "I think it should be like a waterhole!" "What is a waterhole like?" And a creative explosion followed. Discussions, seminars around how the intranet could be like a real waterhole.

But then the use metaphors is hardly any new invention. A well known metaphor safari started 2000 years ago....

It is easy travel to Dar es Salaam. Day travel (for Europeans). No jetlag. We will help you find transportation. You will have comfortable accommodation in the Norwegian-built International Conference Center in Tanga, Tanzania - http://www.icctan.com/

Please register for more information at www.metafari.com - Feel free to tell others about it.

And.. If you have doubts about the future for Africa - view this presentation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yfz8yTXKXI

Lena Holmberg - Leif Josefsson - Ingrid Rudefors - Ruth Nesje

PS This invitation has been sent to the following networks that we feel share our values and hopes for the future.

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